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Keywords:2 April 2010, 2010, Adam Barhamand (Cox), Ben Myers (Bow), Boat Race, Cambridge, Cambridge Blue Boat Crew, Cambridge University Boat Club, Cameron Winklevoss, Charlie Burkitt (Stroke), Chris Nilsson, Deglan McEachern, Derek Rasmussen, FRPS, Fred Gill (Stroke), Geoff Roth, George Nash, Henry Pelly, Martin Walsh, Matt Evans, Oxford, Oxford Blue Boat Crew, Oxford University Boat Club, Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race, Peter McClelland, Rob Weitemeyer (Bow), Rowing, Sean Bowden, Simon Gawlik, Sjoerd Hamburger, Ted Randolph (Cox), The Xchanging Boat Race, Tyler Winklevoss, accredited photographer, Duncan Grove, Duncan Grove Photography, Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society, Wimbledon photographer, Wimbledon tennis photographer, accredited Wimbledon tennis photographer


02/04/2010. Tidal Week – Training for the 156th Xchanging Boat Race between Oxford University and Cambridge University, which was won by Cambridge by a length and a half. Cambridge University crew (light blue):- Rob Weitemeyer (Bow), Geoff Roth (2), George Nash (3), Peter McCelland (4), Deaglan McEachern (5), Henry Pelly (6), Derek Rasmussen (7), Fred Gill (Stroke), Ted Randolph (Cox). Oxford University crew (light blue):- Ben Myers (Bow), Martin Wlash (2), Tyler Winklevoss (3), Cameron Winklevoss (4), Sjoerd Hamburger (5), Matt Evans (6), Simon Gawlik (7), Charlie Burkitt (Stoke), Adam Barhamand (Cox).