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This is the FRPS panel of twenty images that resulted in Duncan being awarded a Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society. Fellowship (FRPS) is awarded for exceptional standards of excellence. It is the Society's highest Distinction and recognises original work and outstanding ability in a specialised field.
00_ FRPS Aug Hanging Plan01_DSC_3707-Edit-Edit 422 wide  adobe 199802_DSC7156-Edit 322 sq_DSC9902-Edit 360 x 360 FLATTENED as Smart Object-1 201204_DSC_5810-Edit 324 sq05_DSC9812-Edit-3 422wide06_DSC0726-Edit324 sq07_DSC2215-Edit-2 322 SQ FINAL08_DSC0577-Edit-2 square crop 32209_DSC2351-Edi 322 Adobe 1998 sq crop10_DSC0787-Edit 424 wide11_DSC0570-Edit422 wide12_DSC7888-Edit-2 322 SQ FINAL13_DSC0981-Edit tight crop 322 sq14_DSC_3266-Edit Berdych 322 sq-215_DSC8845-Edit-5 422 wide16_DSC9523-Edit 322sq17_DSC0688-Edit322 sq2010 Wimbledon Championships Ladies' Singles - Finals 3 july 201019_DSC3148-Edit-Edit 322 sq

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