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_DSC0639-Edit_DGS1967-Edit-2_DGS1967-Edit-2 as monoBig Ben, Houses of Parliament, London, England, United Kingdom at dusk.Kingston Bridge at Dusk.Pulling in opposite directions.Swan near Kingston Bridge at dusk.Yacht on WindemereSharrow Bay, Ullswater, Lake District, UKCivic Hall & Millenium Square, Leeds, England, UK.Eagle House, Wimbledon Village, SW London.Duncan Grove _DSC7676-edited H Park corner for 50x40 OLDA shining example of diverging converging verticals - Gehry Building, Dusseldorf.Infinity Pool, Hotel Excelsior Palace, Rapallo, Italy #1.Infinity Pool, Hotel Excelsior Palace, Rapallo, Italy #2.Unusual light over Dusseldorf Aldstadt.Walled Garden, Basing House.Tower Bridge at Dusk with moon and reflections._DSC9028_DSC9028-Edit-2

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