Duncan Grove FRPS (Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society) is grateful to The Exchanging Boat Race and Sports Impact to have been an accredited photographer for the second consecutive year. The Boat Race images are freely posted here for everyone’s interest and are also available for editorial and personal use at modest fees. Publications may download images with an appropriate licence. Should you wish to have an image for personal use you can either download a digital version or order a print. If the end objective is to print, Duncan would much prefer that you order from him – the images have all been captured with the very best equipment and printing can be the weak link in the quality chain! All prints will be properly processed on calibrated equipment and printed to exhibition standards. The images are all high resolution and can easily be enlarged, so if you are looking for shots of particular crew members, please contact Duncan at [email protected] . He will prepare a collection if images of the individual (appropriately tightly cropped) for you to choose from. Viewing tip:- if you have fast broadband select slide show for a full-screen view.
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